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Introducing the Best Senior Phone in the World

The EasyPhone App is a convenient alternative to an easily confusing smartphone.

By combining the best features of a smartphone without the unnecessary mumbo jumbo that seniors are confused with – you can download the best senior phone right from Google Play Store.

Today, we’re going over everything there is to know about the EasyPhone App.

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Features and Benefits

EasyPhone App’s philosophy combines the clarity of a keypad phone with the many functions of a modern-day smartphone. EasyPhone App aims to keep everything your old man or grandma needs within a few swipes of reach to be as easy to use as a traditional landline.

To quickly illustrate the main benefits of the EasyPhone App, here’s a detailed list of key features that are meant to make a senior’s life easy:

  • Easily hide “useless” apps with one click and organize your home screen by dragging and dropping.
  • Benefit from larger icon and font sizes, so your senior won’t have to squint into their phone.
  • The search function lets you look for people, apps, voices, and texts all in one.
  • EasyPhone App has a calendar feature to remind seniors of birthdays, events, and anniversaries. The app even provides a stylish greeting card that seniors can send with just one click.
  • Various color themes aren’t confusing and don’t change the icons or logos.

The most significant benefit of using an app like the EasyPhone App is that it allows seniors to remain familiar with their phone, regardless of the phone they’re using.

By using EasyPhone App’s familiar interface across different types of phones, seniors won’t have to worry about having to relearn a new phone or trying out another operating system. They’ll have the same phone, EasyPhone App, for as long as they want to.



When it comes to safety, here’s how the EasyPhone App can help:


  • There’s a dedicated SOS button to call emergency numbers or provide a Google location of where you are. This is helpful in emergency situations where loved ones or the police need to know a senior’s location.
  • By having all a senior’s needs easily accessible, older people won’t have to search for solutions or apps on their own. This decreases the chance of scams and malware compromising their device.


Although we may know the dangers of the internet, sadly, our elders don’t. Seniors are the most susceptible to scams and viruses online, so protecting them 24/7 with a safe interface like EasyPhone App is only a natural solution.


How to Use


Setting up the EasyPhone App on your phone is a simple download, install, and launch process. This section will show you how to install the EasyPhone App and use it on your phone.

How to Install the EasyPhone App:

  1. First, go to the EasyPhone App page on the Google Play Store.
  2. Look for and tap on Install to download and install the app.
  3. Once you’ve installed the app, you should be able to find and open it on your home screen.
  4. After opening the app, you’ll be asked if you want to try the 14-day free trial or like to purchase the app from the beginning. Proceed at your discretion.
  5. When you’re done choosing between the free trial or purchasing the app, the EasyPhone App will open on your phone and ask for permission to access your contacts and use the camera. These permissions are essential to help the EasyPhone App work without any hindrances.

    Before we proceed to the next section, let’s first make sure that the EasyPhone App is the default home screen on your device.


  6. From the EasyPhone App, exit the program to your home screen. A pop-up should appear below asking you to select between two home apps: your default launcher and the EasyPhone App. Choose EasyPhone so that the EasyPhone App will be your default home screen.


The EasyPhone App should now be good to go with all that done. Feel free to explore the app so you can make yourself comfortable.


EasyPhone App Pricing

EasyPhone App’s pricing is straightforward. It only has one payment plan, and the cost is a one-time purchase.


  • $8.90 inclusive of 24% VAT

The one-time purchase comes with the benefit of having access to the latest versions of the app at no extra charge. If you’re unsure of the purchase, you can also try a 
14-day trial for free.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the EasyPhone App free to use?

A: The EasyPhone App is free to use for 14 days, but after that, you’ll have to pay $8.90 inclusive of 24% VAT.


Q: Is the EasyPhone App a subscription?

A: The EasyPhone App is a one-time purchase and comes with the benefit of having access to the latest versions of the application.


Q: Can you download the EasyPhone App to several different phones?

A: EasyPhone App allows downloads of up to 2 phones. This is useful when existing users transfer data from one phone to another, such as when moving from an old phone to a new one.


The Bottom Line


‘The EasyPhone App is a great and innovative solution to a rising problem. With millions of older people worldwide, getting them to adapt from phone to phone continually is simply a near-impossible task. Applications like EasyPhone App help seniors and older people use their phones without feeling confused or dumb.


Not to mention, EasyPhone App even goes a step further and provides an SOS button, allowing seniors to call for help in times of emergencies quickly.

EasyPhone App is a fantastic one-stop solution for seniors, making their lives easier to keep them safer.


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