Super easy smartphone

EasyPhone App video

The EasyPhone App clarityfies all functions of a smartphone.

The EasyPhone App is installed on Android phones by first downloading the basic app and then the free Add-On SMS and Call app from Google Play.
Hide icons, SOS, Postioning, Voice search, Adapts to everyone, Three different sizes, Birthday Calendar...
  • Hide “useless”  Apps with one click and pick up those visible again as you like
  • The SOS button provides security. You can find everything related to health in one place; Health information, group calling with Google location and 112 app
  • Search allows you to search for people and voices quickly, locate them and search for holidays
  • You choose the size of icons that is right for you; Large, medium or small, your individuality comes true when you choose the best of 22 different color themes
  • The EasyPhone App acts as your anniversary calendar and reminds you of your loved ones’ birthdays. You send them a stylish greeting card with one click

More benefits

  • The EasyPhone App consists of two different services, the main App and there is free SMS App to choose, which are seamlessly connected if desired
  • We use Google Calendar by default
  • Also easy to use with a stylus
  • History of pocket calls, you always return to the home page when the call ends
  • The EasyPhone App takes over the services of your phone and replaces it default interface, you can of course only use it as an app on your phone
  • Act and look like a smartphone but it is buch easyer to use

Check out the new senior phone application for 14 days free of charge, price 6.90 incl. 24% VAT.